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Meet Charley, your automated AI solution that drives client engagement and builds business

Charley helps you get qualified leads and convert leads to customers without having to spend money on expensive paid ads, referral programs, ineffective networking, and endless follow-ups.

Our AI targets, engages and qualifies interested leads in your niche and then alerts you when they want to talk.

Developed for business development, sales and marketing professionals to drive revenue growth without paying for expensive ads.

"We value our customers, which is why we respect privacy, and don’t exploit customer data or end user data. And our team is available to help along the way via our support center."

Dr. Charles Lively Ph.D.  CTO

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AI driven Linkedin lead generation is the most effective way to scale your business in 2020. 

We partner with you to drive success, this is our long term commitment to you.

Let us show you how to prospect the right way. We believe in maximizing authentic human connections for revenue growth.

We help you build meaningful relationships, establishing trust with your prospects. It's 2020, no more cold calling, engage with your prospects, and build a relationship.

B2B sales and marketing are changing, and finding new customers is getting harder.

Make your LinkedIn automation as authentic as you are and start seeing results, tomorrow.

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Get to Yes Without the Stress

Spark Profitable Conversations with High-Value Leads.

How our LinkedIn automation platform
automates your outreach and strikes up conversations with your niche

Charley Helps You...

Supercharge Linkedin Sales Navigator

There is a pool of untapped data on Linkedin that can be unlocked by striking up the right conversations. Our solution contacts engage and fills your calendar with warm qualified leads eager to buy. 

Target your Niche

Filter campaigns by geography, role, industry to find ideals leads. Our business development solution engages with your target audience freeing you and your team up to spend time on higher yield activities. 

Have Real Human Conversations

Our solution directly reaches out to leads interested in talking to you. We replicate outreach across hundreds of target profiles, we take the "no thanks" so you can engage with the clients ready to buy. 

Your time is money

Focus your time on meaningful conversations. Our solution is easy to set up and run, schedule appointments that help you grow your business. 

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